Fig. 1.1: Remant Pylon Sigma in the distance as seen in game.

Remnant Pylon Sigma is a massive artificial construct of unknown origin that the game takes its name after.


The Remnant Pylon is an incomplete superstructure of a larger object that measures approximately seven miles deep and fourteen miles across. At the central dorsal area of the object is a massive disk with a spire descending below. Approximately halfway down the spire a large orange light source glows bright. It is unknown what creates this source of light as no heat is generated and all attempts to study it reveal nothing. Separate of the main structure is a large disk that orbits fourteen miles away from its center point. This disk seems to serve no function at all.The Remnant Pylon's location is classified and is never openly revealed.

It is believed to be an archive or library of some variety, and is (to the best of modern archeological knowledge) of Precursor construction. It is theorized to contain vast amounts of Precursor knowledge, although what this knowledge actually is has been the subject of vigorous debate.


The First Zevestivan WarEdit

Sigma was first discovered by the V.R.A's Fox Division in 13450 HSY only days after the First Zevestivan War erupted. Its location was immediately classified to all but high ranking Fox Division members. Sticking with their methodology of naming Precursor objects they find with Greek letters, the Remnant Pylon was dubbed Sigma by Fox Division.

The Great Xeno WarEdit

Following the defeat of the V.R.A. in the Battle of Horovine, and the gradual seizure of Fox Division assets by the U.C., the structure's location was revealed within the military apparatus to be the Gazon Corridor, however, access is still tightly restricted, due to the sensitive nature of the information contained within.


- The Remnant Pylon in part seems to be influenced by V'Ger from Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Both objects are massive and mysterious in orgin, and also generate a massive nebula cloud around themselves.

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