Vital statistics
Title -
Gender Female
Race Jevoron
Faction None
Health -
Level -
Status -
Location -
Norin is cybernetically-augmented Jevoron and one of the primary protagonists in Sigma, as well as the narrator. She is voiced by Elisabeth Styles.


Norin is an artificial cybernetic construct of combined Jevoron and Horovine endeavors. She retains most of the features her race is noteworthy for: blue skin, double jointed legs, orange bio-luminescent eyes, and the need to breathe xenon gas. Unlike most Jevorons she has hairlike structures and only two arms. She is roughly 6 feet tall, though fully extended she is nearly 8 feet tall.

History Edit


  • Norin's name originates from a class of Cardassian ship from Star Trek: Dominion Wars.