The D22 IRMN pistol is a V.R.A. sidearm favoured by commandos and special agents as a secondary weapon, both for its accuracy and its lethality. Its "shredder" rounds come equipped with small shaped-charge explosives to penetrate armour, and also deposit large amounts of metal shot inside the target, resulting in maximum versatility and lethality versus most targets.

Specifications Edit

The D22 uses a conventional box magazine, which slides into the handgrip of the gun. It is fed using a spring-based loading system, and uses a standard blowback mechanism to eject empty cartridges and chamber the next round. The barrel is rifled, but is also ringed by weak electromagnets, which serve to increase the rate of spin and thus the accuracy of the projectile. It is capable of both semi-automatic and fully automatic fire, although recoil will usually spoil the user's aim after a few shots in full auto.

  • Effective Range: 150 meters
  • Killzone Width: 30 centimeters
  • Firing Rate (Fully Automatic Fire): 120 rounds/minute
  • Clip Size: 16 rounds

    Fig. 1.1: One round for the D22. The head of the bullet contains the shaped-charge explosive. Behind it is the hollow-point section (another head, obscured by the first). In the cylindrical section is located the explosively propelled scattershot.

  • Weight Unloaded: 2.04 kilograms
  • Weight Loaded: 2.3 kilograms
  • Length: 269 millimeters
  • Barrel Length: 150 millimeters
  • Caliber: 9mm
  • Round Type: Hollow-point with affixed shaped-charge head (armour piercing) and internal explosively-propelled scattershot

Usage Edit

The D22 was introduced in 13449 HSY, just one year prior to the First Zevestivan War. While there are plans to eventually make this weapon a standard-issue sidearm, this is not yet feasible due to the high cost of producing both the weapon and the ammunition. Thus far, deployment has been limited to Fox Division agents and elite commando teams.

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