Cover artwork for Beta 1.0

Beta 1.0 is the second demo release of Sigma and the first revelation of large content.

Features Edit

Beta 1.0 features the following:

  • The V.R.A. as a playable race.
  • The Zevestivan Empire as a playable race.
  • Two faction leaders to choose from for each side.
  • Upgraded Fleet Ops engine.
  • Free download (With Fleet Ops download in addition)
  • Free Multiplayer via Gamespy or Hamachi

Release Date and Requirements Edit

or here:

  • Beta 1.0 will be free to download so long as Fleet Ops is downloaded prior. The Fleet Ops website can be found here:
  • Multiplayer is free and requires no disk as long as Gamespy, Tunngle, or Hamachi is used.



Players choose a leader at the start of a match.


Commander Valash and a fleet of Owl Missile Cruisers explore an icy asteroid field.


Commander Valash storms into an enemy base.


Zevestivan Kam Darc (Battleship) passes by a radiation cloud


A pair of Owl Missile Cruisers desperately attempt to hold off advancing enemies.


V.R.A. player prepares for HQ construction.


Zevestivan base under construction


The Empire engages the V.R.A. head on.


Hero ships can be summoned to the battlefield in Sigma.

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